Chocolate Cake vs Strawberry Cake

I have a facebook friend who every time I post anything supporting gay marriage has to pee in my Cheerios about how wrong it is and how we’re suppressing his right to religious freedoms. So Nathan came up with this analogy:

The gay marriage debate is a lot like people eating cake. The chocolate cake eaters want everyone to eat chocolate cake. They feel that chocolate cake is the right cake to eat and that eating any other kind of cake is very bad for you. Then there are the strawberry cake eaters. They want the chocolate cake eaters to let them eat their strawberry cake in peace. They don’t want to be harassed for eating strawberry cake, and they want it to be available for them. They don’t care if the chocolate cake eaters eat chocolate cake, they don’t want to. They think chocolate cake is gross (or are allergic to chocolate–that’s my addition). The chocolate cake eaters disagree. They are afraid that if they strawberry cake eaters are allowed to eat their cake, they will try to tempt the children of the chocolate cake eaters (or other adult chocolate cake eaters) into trying and even preferring strawberry cake.

So when you look at it that way, why wouldn’t we let people eat their preferred cake flavor? Hell, the more people who eat strawberry cake, the more chocolate cake is left for chocolate cake eaters to enjoy! Right? Anyway, I just really liked the analogy.



~ by rebeccaclaire on July 20, 2011.

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