Take that, fiscal responsibility!

My parents were not the kind to just buy us stuff only because we begged for it (except for sticker books. Dad spent a pretty good chunk of money on those things). If it wasn’t our birthday or Christmas, we had to save up our allowance and buy it ourselves. This really bites for those of us with Christmas birthdays.

I wanted She-Ra’s Crystal Castle (which I think ran about $30 back in the early 80s) SO BAD! So I saved up my allowance FOREVER! and finally had enough money to buy it. Being in the Under 10 set, I had my money safely stored in a shoebox, mostly in coin form. I held that box safely in my lap all the way to Toys R Us, so excited to finally get my Crystal Castle. Too excited. When we arrived, I hopped out of the car and promptly dropped the box of coins all over the backseat, the floor, down in the seat cracks. I was devastated! I had just barely saved up enough and if we didn’t find every penny, I wouldn’t be able to buy the Crystal Castle!! We dug and reached and scrounged, but I don’t think we found them all. Luckily, Dad was kind enough to cover the difference, and I kept that castle until I gave it to a friend’s 8 year-old two years ago. Thanks, DAD!


~ by rebeccaclaire on June 19, 2011.

2 Responses to “Take that, fiscal responsibility!”

  1. Later, She-Ra was lost in the roarings of a mountain stream desperately trying to swin under a log bridge. The downstream banks were scoured, but no She-Ra. The mountains and all those residing thereabout heard the lamentation of her most dearest subject.
    And the saving began again …..
    Thanks RebeccaClaire

  2. And it worked. You and your brother reached adulthood with excellent fiscal responsibility of your own.



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