Sylvee’s Album

This is a prime example of why I now have a separate album contract that spells out all of the details of an album design. I love this album. The fabulous Beth (of associate photographer fame) designed it for me, and we were both just happy as clams with the outcome. Based on my notes from the album meeting with the Bat Mitzvah and her mom, I expected them to be equally elated.

Tragically, this was not at all what the mom wanted. This was an album that had taken a few years to get off the ground due to the family’s busy travel schedule. I had reposted their images several times (before getting my fabulous new image host that doesn’t have a time limit), and we eventually decided it would be best to get together in person and go through the pictures on my computer to make the album selections. While my notes are chocked full of love for Chrisse & Matt’s album, she felt this style of design was too busy and not focused enough on her daughter. I was very confused. We had created everything my notes said she wanted. But after another meeting where we planned the entire layout together, it was clear that she wanted more of a traditional matted album.

So lesson learned. We now have a fantastic album contract that goes into finite detail about exactly the kind of album you want. That helps us get the album finished and in your hands quicker. It also keeps me from paying a designer for the wrong kind of design and then having to pay for a second design to get it right. That helps keep albums affordable for you.


~ by rebeccaclaire on April 26, 2011.

2 Responses to “Sylvee’s Album”

  1. Claire,
    Well, as a bride who said “make this awesome,” I’m glad that I let you and Nate do your thing on my album! I honestly couldn’t have envisioned a better one. 4 years later and we still whip it out to show people. But hopefully these new contracts will let you practice your awesomeness in a less worry-free fashion!

  2. Georgia, you guys were our ideal album clients. That’s why your albums are so awesome! You let us play and create (and provided plenty of gorgeous subjects for our photographs). I am still in love with your albums! And we made sure to set up our contracts with a spot for people who just want us to do our thing. It’s our favorite way to make an album. 🙂

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