Amanda & Steve’s Wedding

Amanda & Steve had a fantastic wedding in St. Louis. The ceremony was at Bailey’s Chocolate Bar which is a beautiful, cozy venue. They have a lounge area and bar upstairs and a room just beyond where they set up the ceremony.

Everyone had a great time and plenty of chocolate martinis. Amanda was a beautiful bride in red and Steve was very handsome. We did group & posed shots before the ceremony while everyone enjoyed their martinis. Steve and his family hate having their pictures taken, but we were quick and painless and everyone was surprised to find they even had a good time.Amanda’s friend Steve (not hubby Steve) officiated their beautiful pagan wedding. I very much enjoyed the Ring Warming and Hand Fasting. It was a very personal ceremony and they involved their families and friends.

Between the ceremony and the reception, Amanda & Steve took a break and then we had another round of couples portraits. They had built in a 3 hour pause, so we were able to really take advantage of the gorgeous setting at St. Louis Union Station.

Then we went to the most amazing dinner at the reception. Steve is a chef so he worked with the chef at the hotel to create the most delicious meal. I may have hurt myself with the eating.

And after dinner we partied all night!

We were so happy with the pictures. You can see them all on our website.


~ by rebeccaclaire on February 17, 2011.

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