Family Portrait

It was Pa DuPree’s birthday (which falls around Thanksgiving) and the whole family got together to wish him a happy one.

Happy Birthday, Pa

Happy Birthday, Pa

Happy Birthday, Pa

We took the time to do a family portrait with the whole gang (well, mostly, there are a couple of people missing).

The whole family with NathanOf course, we didn’t know we’d be doing family photos, so we left the tripod at home when we headed to my aunt Susan’s house for dinner with the family. That meant that someone had to hold the camera which left either me or Nathan out of the picture. But both Nathan & I are in the picture! How can that be? Why the magic of photoshop, of course.

The whole family, sans NathanOriginal picture without Nathan.

This is where I got Nathan for the whole family shotWe told the little ones (and the not so little ones) that they were free to make funny faces when did the picture of Nathan with the group so we could drop him in. Pretty exciting stuff, huh.

The siblingsHad to do the picture with the 4 children, of course. I wonder if mom & Aunt Susan matched on purpose.

Pa & his wife JeanI think this is a great shot of Jean.

SistersAnd here’s a nice shot of my mom (with bunny ears thanks to her brother, Tom. Of course, I guess I could take those out).

The younger siblingsThe two younger sibs.

Individual familiesIt’s become a tradition that we do portraits of every small group at Thanksgiving. This is my oldest cousin and her four kids.

Couples shotMy uncle Tom and his wife Lauren. I photographed their wedding back in 2004.

More couplesMy cousin Sarah Beth & her boyfriend (at the time) Richard. I shot their wedding in 2009.

I love this picture of my cousin Susan Marie.

Susan Marie’s brother, David III’s eldest looked just like him when she was born (he’s the 2nd from the right in the back row of the group shot). Turns out Bubba would have been a beautiful little girl.

This was Pa’s last family birthday. My family was so glad to have these group shots with him. So, if you don’t have a photographer in the family, consider hiring one for your next big family gathering. There are plenty of families who are missing new spouses and children from their family photographs. My family does a big group shot every year at Thanksgiving (our big gathering holiday). Of course, they’re guaranteed to have a photographer in attendance, and since we’ve made it a tradition, I always bring my tripod.

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