Georgia & Matt’s Engagement Album Design

We photographed Georgia & Matt’s wedding in Coconut Grove back in 2007. Miami in January is HOT and Georgia wanted a garden wedding rather than the traditional beach wedding. I did a full post about their wedding and another post with their album design, but we left off with Nathan designing their engagement album. Well, now they’ve had the chance to wear off the new a bit and it’s time to share. I love this album. They once again gave us complete free reign and didn’t request any changes beyond changing the cover shot (this cover is way better than the original cover, so we completely agree with the decision).

We did a photo cover like their wedding album.

You may recognize this shot from my previous business card.

We started the portrait sitting inside on these fun stairs. I like to start with a warm up that involves a setting conducive to snuggling.

There were so many fun sitting areas, we continued the snuggley theme.

Inside the Mayfair is a beautiful garden area.

Georgia’s great-grandmother is the lady on the left. She was super cute!

Coconut Grove provided lots of amazing settings.

Georgia was willing to take some risks to get the shot. Those heels were high and that fountain looked slick, but she put her ballet balance right to work.

They were so cute walking together!

So we skipped out on the beach, but we did stop to see some water.

Not pictured was the amazing gelato we grabbed on our way back to the Mayfair. I’m not certain how many servings we had over the weekend, but it was definitely necessary. Did I mention it was HOT!


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