Melanie’s headshots

I photographed Melanie’s headshots quite a while ago. We had a great time! I went to her house to get shots with the great view from her back deck. She wanted something on a backdrop as well, so we did both. Melanie is one of the most calming personalities I’ve ever met. She always has a big smile on her face. You can learn more about Melanie at her website

Studio headshot on a backdropWe started inside on the backdrop. Melanie’s red top really pops on the blue backdrop, and the vest is a nice touch to bring the colors back from being over the top.

Relaxed headshotThen we moved outside for something more environmental. The pattern of the backdrop makes Melanie stand out as well as if she were on a solid color. She has a very earthy feel to her, so the natural tones throughout feel very descriptive.

Ethereal headshotThis is Melanie’s favorite picture of herself ever. *blush* She’s just so relaxed on this beautiful day. This shot is all about her with faint ghosting of the natural backdrop giving the idea of being in nature without losing Melanie for the trees.

So if you want to get your new favorite picture, be sure to take advantage of our summer special!

~ by rebeccaclaire on July 2, 2010.

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