Last year’s sprouts

Two years ago we were all good and started our seeds inside. They all died. We tried again last year with the same results. This year I just dug a trough and dumped a bunch of seeds in. It worked GREAT! I’ve been freecycling thinned sprouts ever since. But here are some shots of our poor, dead 2008 sprouts. They were so cute. Sigh.

Bean sprouts

Our tiny little bean babies in the kitchen.

Corn sprouts

The corn was so cute!

Bean sprouts

The beans got pretty big. But we always seem to be ill prepared for planting time. Could be because the first half of the year is Nathan’s busiest time of the year and he always wants to be part of the bed prep and planting process since I’m the kind of person who just wants them in the ground and if it’s not perfect, so be it. Nathan wants to do it all perfectly right so we maximize our haul at harvest time. Sometimes we get it right and sometimes I get impatient and just start throwing things in the ground. Then there are the sad times when the watermelons don’t get planted at all. Sigh.


~ by rebeccaclaire on June 30, 2010.

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