Pictures from my yard

I must say, after deciding to focus more on gardening, I have been quite the slacker about posting yard pictures. Guess I’ll just have to live with the idea that my blog is going to be about a random variety of things I have photographed and prepped to post. As such, here are more pictures from my yard. Most of them having nothing to do with gardening and have more to do with the fact that we hate to mow and have loads of clover.

Knockout roses

Our knockout roses are fabulous! They came with the house and I haven’t cut them back other than to remove dead branches. I didn’t think I liked roses, but these always give such a fabulous showing.


We have a beautiful peony bush (or whatever you call it) in our front bed. I love how one peony makes an impressive bouquet all by itself.

Lady bug on an apple leaf

This year I’ve noticed LOTS of ladybugs. Grand improvement over previous years where I couldn’t find any and had considered ordering some.

Baby apple

Our Granny Smith tree has loads of baby apples (well, maybe a dozen or so, but that’s way more than last year). Our Fuji tree sprouted several babies (you can see them in the gallery), but sadly they all fell off in the wind. Sigh.

Baby Peach

BABY PEACH!! I’m super excited about our peach tree with all of its super cute baby peaches. They’re fuzzy and rosy colored. I just love them. I can’t wait to EAT them! 😀

Clover Flowers

Clover flowers are BEAUTIFUL! These white ones are with the big clover and the yellow ones are with the little clover. I much prefer clover to grass. Too bad our neighbors disagree.

Red Leaf Japanese Maple

We bought a Lensbaby for our trip to India. Here I’m playing with it and shooting one of my favorite trees, the big Red Leaf Japanese Maple just outside our front door.

Yellow Clover Flowers

More yellow clover. Our yard was just full of tiny yellow flowers. Stupid conformity lawn mowing activities.

We have several unidentified bushes along the side of our house. They are tall and thing with tiny leaves and pretty white flowers that smell AMAZING in the spring. The rest of the year they fight with our back gate and we have to cut one of them back quite regularly.

Knockout roses

I can’t believe I thought about trying to dig up the rose bushes and giving them away. How dumb was that idea.

White Clover Flowers

More clover. Man I love that stuff. I’ve found about 4 4-leaf clovers this spring.

Blue bug with red stripes and a horn

I found this little guy when I was cutting oregano to dry. He had some friends also on our oregano. I have no idea what he is, but I asked the people at What’s That Bug and hope to hear back soon. In the gallery are a few more pictures of him as well as a sneaky spider.

So, yeah, that was a lot of pictures of my yard. Just know that there were many, many more that I edited out. I need to get back out there and photograph what our garden looks like now that the plants have really taken over. It’s a jungle out there! A hot, hot jungle.


~ by rebeccaclaire on June 25, 2010.

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