Linda Parrent, you’re famous!

In March Nathan & I took an amazing trip to India (photos to come I PROMISE!). The day we left, I got a call from my dear friend Linda Parrent, owner of Elegant Essentials (in the Gallery Shopping Center) and Managing Director of Knoxville eWomen Network. She needed a headshot, STAT! But I was literally on my way to get on a plane and fly to India until the beginning of April. Luckily, Linda had a bit of time, but we planned to shoot the day after we got home. Of course, our plane was delayed in Abu Dhabi and we got home a day late. So what did I do? I drug my stuff home, repacked and headed to Linda’s shop. We were working on a deadline here! Not only did she need a new headshot for her eWomen Profile,

eWomen Network Headshot

eWomen Network Headshot

she was also going to be featured in an upcoming Woman’s Day Magazine.

Not only is Linda a fabulous shop owner, she also does custom floral design. It was the floral design aspect that Woman’s Day wanted to feature. We went down to Pope’s Nursery on Northshore and completely rearranged their display. They were great! So helpful. Linda also wore a necklace by Brandy Becker with Compass Rose Jewelry.

Professional Portraits

She will be in the July issue of Woman’s Day. So be sure to get your copy! It’s available NOW!!

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And be sure to catch our portrait special!


~ by rebeccaclaire on June 11, 2010.

4 Responses to “Linda Parrent, you’re famous!”

  1. Claire you are an amazing friend, photographer, artist and networker. I am so glad you are in my inner circle, and I am honored to know you. Thank you for everything, you always make me look good!

  2. That is really cool – you do great work under any circumstances. Will you get photo credit in Woman’s Day?

  3. […] copy of Women’s Day Magazine. Now for the rest of the story. We turned in the pictures from Friday’s blog and they loved it! But the sponsor thought the shot looked too professional. We weren’t sure […]

  4. […] an awesome portrait special right now. But they’ve all been of newborns, babies, families or professionals and I know there are lots of people with four-legged babies feeling a bit left out. So here are […]

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