Fun Family Portraits

Joelle contacted me at the end of winter to plan a fun spring portrait with her husband and adorable son. We decided to try a new location out west with lots of variety.

Happy Family on the pier.

Aiden was so well behaved,

Family feet on the pier.

Family walking on the pier.

but also easily distracted by the fish in the pond.

Family looking at the fish.

Family looking at the fish.

Happy son with parents.

Of course, we love those distracted shots.

Couple looking at each other.

While I photographed some fun couple shots (how often does that happen after you have kids),

Couple holding hands.

Couple Laughing

Couple sitting together on the pier.

Couple smiling on a bench.

Boy smiling on the pier.Beth grabbed some great Aiden distracted by the fish shots.

Boy sitting on the pier.

Son walking in front of parents.

Of course, Aiden couldn’t let his parents have all the glory.

Parents kissing son.

Having had his fill of fishy distractions, Aiden was ready to rejoin our happy family shots.

Father & son.

Family hands.

Happy family sitting on pier.

Mother smiling, son laughing.I love the way they look at each other. It’s so wonderful to see two people so in love!

Father & son.

And Aiden is obviously such an amazingly sweet and happy boy.

Once we’d gotten plenty of great pond/dock shots, we moved on to a great little forest patch nearby.

Family in the woods.

Family walking in the woods.

It was kind of a skinny path in some places.

Son smiling in the woods.But there were loads of cool things to stop and explore.

We finished up with a nice walk through a field. What a great location, a perfect day and an amazingly awesome family! Thanks, for being such wonderful subjects!

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