Thank Yous that make running a business worth it

Running a photography business is not all fun and games. Sure we get to go to parties and photograph people looking beautiful and having a great time, but we’re not completely immune to the stress (despite the 100% cool and calm demeanor we’re known for during the crazy times). And photographing families and babies is great, but we’ve had sessions that are 95% screaming toddler-time. We still get great shots (and plenty for payback starting around age 12. MWAHAHAHAHAHA! You’re welcome, parents). So those thank you notes afterwards are really appreciated.

Mostly the thank yous mention our calm, friendly manner and the professionalism of our team. We work hard to make sure we not only add zero stress, but take away as much stress as we can. Even a simple portrait sitting is stressful to parents who just spent the last two hours combing hair and wiping jelly off of faces just to come back from getting themselves ready to find chocolate has materialized from nowhere all over those cute overalls bought special for the shoot.

Then the notes go on to talk about how much they love the pictures, which really boosts our egos and helps us continue on during the shoots where the rain just won’t let up or that cute overall set had to be changed last minute for a slightly less loved outfit from the closet. We’re glad to know that we have not only provided amazing shots during perfect sessions with amazing weather and gorgeous lighting, but also taken what our clients may have initially thought of as lemons and made lemonade, lemon tarts, lemon meringue pie all better than what they had initially anticipated with a perfect shoot.

They close with a big thank you and intentions to book another shoot in the future and/or refer friends and family. We really appreciate that. Great clients are our lifeblood, so working with you again and again is wonderful! I love my job and it’s great to know that my clients love the way I do it.

Of course, then there are the thank yous that leave me all weepy-eyed and goose bumpy. I don’t get them often, thankfully, because they’re those heart-strings yanking notes with a sad twinge that really hits home the idea that we aren’t just making images, we’re making memories and heirlooms.

Many of those notes come from sessions I have done with Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, an amazing organization of photographers providing sessions for terminally ill and stillborn babies and children. Every session is amazing and heart-wrenching. The thank you notes I receive from the families are so heartfelt, I just sit sobbing afterwards (yes, I’m a crier, but some of these families would not have pictures of their babies without NILMDTS).

Then there are the very surprising thank yous I receive from guests at weddings. They are some of the most touching because we are simply there to shoot the event and capture everyone. It’s what we do, and sometimes we take for granted that that’s the way the world works. I wanted to share a note that I received from a guest that really made me glad for my job:

Dear Claire,

I wanted to let you know how very special a picture you took of my dad at R_’s wedding is to my family. The January after the wedding, my dad passed away. When we saw the picture you took of him, it was such a blessing. You caught him at a moment that showed very naturally his enjoyment of time with family. The crispness of his photo is almost lifelike. I look at it every day and feel a connection. It is definitely the best picture we have of him in his later years. And the picture became an important part of my grieving and healing time. And now with a baby almost here, I’ll have the picture to show him/her a piece of their grandpa’s life.

One never knows in life the moment they may be touching the lives of others in a profound way.

Thank you!


While I work closely with my clients and their immediate families, I never really meet most wedding guests and never get to see their reactions as they view the images online. I have no idea which image becomes such an important part of their lives. They place orders and we fill them, sending our work out into the world with the knowledge that they will be enjoyed and the hope that they don’t become lost in a box years down the road. It’s nice to know that something I created has had such a profound impact and reminds us all that every guest is important.


~ by rebeccaclaire on May 26, 2010.

2 Responses to “Thank Yous that make running a business worth it”

  1. This is beautiful

  2. Reading this brought a tear to my eye! I never realized she wrote you. It really is a perfectly taken picture and I’ll always be grateful for it. Thank you!

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