Posting about travel plans

So, as most people know, we  went to India last month. Now, in this age of social networking and posting TMI about our private lives, some people might think it’s foolish to post about leaving the country when you’re in a field such as mine where everyone knows you have fancy equipment. So why am I not concerned? Well, Nate & I pack everything of value and take it with us. So if someone were to break into our house (unnoticed by my fabulous neighborhood of families who are outside all the time, children who will question what you’re doing if it seems odd, and random dogs wandering about), they would be sorely disappointed.

Nathan & I are completely unable to go on vacation. We take all of our gear, including computers, everywhere JUST IN CASE we need to do a job on the road (and we have, oh yes. Just ask about the mock up Nathan created while riding through LITERALLY MIDDLE OF NOWHERE Mississippi with NO sign of civilization for at least 3 hours in any direction.)

I guess they could make off with our cats, but seriously, they are spoiled & whiney and will eat you out of house and home. Also, they only drink bottled water (the mineral content here backs up their systems & costs more to fix than friggin’ jugs of water, in their fancy water fountain. They would rather die that drink still water. We know this from experience-and a week of day-trips to the vet to be on an IV).

I guess if someone wanted to gather 6 of their nearest & dearest, they could stumble off with our currently out of tune baby grand, but I love that thing, so really, that’s not cool. Also, the neighbors would probably be suspicious about the circus moving a piano creates.

I guess what I’m saying is, unlike all of our neighborhoods in Atlanta, we know these neighbors. They know our friends & our friends’ vehicles. They know when we’re out of town and can recognize odd activities at our house. Most of all, nearly every house has someone home at all times, so it’s hard to be sneaky around here. I love our neighborhood.


~ by rebeccaclaire on May 14, 2010.

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