Did you know?

Now we do print on site! You and your guests can taken home 4×6 prints the night of your event! Not only that, but we set up a Photobooth style shoot where your guests can gather together in singles, couples or groups and have their pictures taken while everyone watches on the big screen as new photos pop up while we shoot! We can even present candids we’ve taken during the party. Then everyone gets a fun favor to take home with them.

The 4×6 prints aren’t inkjet, so they’re water (and liquor) proof.

I have a couple of options.

1. You choose how many shots you want to pay for and hand out print tokens to your guests. If they want more prints than their token count allows, they can pay with cash or credit card.

2. You leave it open ended. However many prints your guests want, that’s how many they can have. You’ll get a bill at the end for the number of prints we made.


~ by rebeccaclaire on April 21, 2010.

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