Aruba Suggestions

My brother recently went to Aruba with his girlfriend and came home with a fiance! WOOHOO! But before he went, he asked me for some suggestions about where to eat and what to do. I thought some people might find it useful, so here we go.

Also I just wanted to send you a list of the places we found.

#1 is Palmer’s Rum & More Don’t try to go into the bottling plant. You want the little “Happy Taste” store in the center of the front facade. A big, happy man will give you a taste of anything you want. If you have room, bring us a bottle of the egg custard. The sipping rum is crazy smooth. If you do nothing else, go here.

Eet Cafe has a big cow & a tyranosaurus on top next to a keystone cops style car. Get the fish soup. It’s AMAZING!

Cafe the Plaza is also good. I got the bitterballen (more fun to eat than even the name) which is like they took thick beef stew, balled it, breaded it, fried it. Nate had the chicken satay and the potatoes are amazing!

There’s a really good pizza place called Casa Tua over near the Hard Rock cafe. We ate there our first night, but we ate at Hard Rock the next time we were headed that way. The pizza is awesome, but not very islandy. 🙂

The Old Fisherman was supposed to be our last meal on the island (until we missed our flight. Arrive at the airport 3 hours early, 2 hours if you’re feeling daring. You go through US customs on their side.) Their seafood soup was not nearly so great as the soup at Eet, but we got the Fiesta Platter which has some of everything and was a great taste. I didn’t get a picture because we were supposed to be heading home straight after. But we missed our flight.

There was a Guatemalan place we wanted to try but couldn’t find it. It’s over downtown.

This is where we stayed. The location was great. The villa was nice. We were near a really quiet beach. The pool was weird (soft sides, but I’m guessing that’s because they’re building on sand & rock). It’s not right on the ocean, but you can see the ocean from the master porch.

There are also really nice hotels with great views and the rooms are pretty reasonable, but you’re in a hotel with a busier beach.

The far side of the island has natural bridges where the sea has carved under the rock.

Ling & Sons is the big grocery store. They have everything! They also have a great selection of pastries. I suggest this one (it’s a croissant with custard & fruit):

For more pictures, check out our post about the wedding we shot in Aruba last October.


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