My big announcement

So I was mean & posted a teaser to twitter & facebook saying I had a big announcement. And boy is it awesome! But I couldn’t post my big announcement at 6 p.m. & have all of my friends who go home & aren’t on their computers all night miss it in the evening & early morning tweets/status updates. Nope! I made everyone wait. Well, you didn’t have to wait if you knew where to look, but I didn’t tell you. Boy am I mean. So what is my announcement? What on earth could it be? Couldn’t have anything to do with the screen shot, could it? Oh yes it could!

What does this shot tell you other than I’m up way too late spending my money on camera equipment & checking facebook? It tells you that MY SITE IS LIVE!! As many of you know, we started a second photography studio, Pellucid Photography, with the goal of offering an outlet for my super-awesome associate photographers and amazing photography in a 100% customizable package. OK, more like 99% customizable because I believe in 2 photographers at every wedding, so you can’t order up just one. It’s just that important.

Anyway, just click the image and head on over to try it out. Thanks so much to Philip & Adrian for getting this thing done right. Philip is the genius behind Rebecca Claire’s beautiful site as well, and Adrian is a coding god. Seriously. These two guys really did an amazing job of taking my “So I was thinking it would be awesome if my site did…” statements and making them a reality. I love my sites! If you haven’t seen Rebecca Claire, check it out as well.

Rebecca Claire Photography

Now I guess I should get back to sending my money off to B&H or Adorama. Still not 100% decided who’s getting it (and I may split it up, just to be fair). But I’m having trouble not spending the rest of the night staring lovingly at my beautiful new site and pushing all the buttons. Be sure to check out the collection builder on Pellucid. I’ve been trying to get one of those online for years and it turned out just perfect!


~ by rebeccaclaire on February 25, 2010.

One Response to “My big announcement”

  1. woohoo! It looks great! And I love that you have a team of nijas working for you.

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