The Prince Deli

I shot the Prince Deli on Lovell Rd the other week and boy is it fantastic! Donna, the owner, seems to know every customer by name, the atmosphere is relaxed and the food is fantastic. The Prince is a sports bar with a stage and some of your average sports bar menu items (created at a much higher standard of deliciousness). You can play pool, watch the game, catch a show (they have musicians, Salome Cabaret has made a few appearances, and more). But what better way to explain it all than show you!



I love these little blue booths!



It’s like a cozy nightclub back here. When they have performers, the giant TV rolls out to reveal the stage.


They have a pretty swanky lighting system set up too.


This is what the world looks like from the performers POV.



Yep! That’s a darts game. I’m horrible at darts, but I certainly enjoy throwing them.


This is no pre-formed frozen patty! Look at that thing! I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a prettier burger. And this isn’t the biggest, fanciest, most amazing burger they serve.


Delicious gyros for those who prefer their meat thin slices and wrapped in a pita. Mmmmmm….


What’s this? Fancy looking food with veggies at a sports bar?! I told you they did things a little differently. This is one of their amazing lunch specials. Donna lets the chef play, and he definitely plays nicely with others. I mean, pork in a mango sauce with squash and carrots on the side?! YUM!


Donna’s mom bakes the brownies herself. But what are those blondie looking things on the right? Peanut butter brownies! Donna’s dad couldn’t eat chocolate, so his lovely wife invented brownies without chocolate just for him. What I really want to do is mix them. Chocolate-peanut butter brownies! Excuse me while I wipe the drool off my keyboard.


The real key is mixing the amazing meals with tasty snacks so all the customers are happy and well fed. What are these golden beauties? I mean, they could be anything, all pretty and crisp, fresh from the deep frier. But their CORN NUGGETS! You heard me! Man, I love these things. Whoever invented them deserves a medal! And the Prince Deli has AMAZING corn nuggets! I can’t wait to head back and stuff myself.


~ by rebeccaclaire on December 10, 2009.

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