Holiday Cards

Trying to figure out how you’re going to do all of those Christmas cards without your hands falling off? Looking for Hanukkah cards and just not finding anything with the pizzaz you want? Need to send Kwanzaa cards to your nearest and dearest? Or hoping for something a bit more non-denominational to include your favorite people of multiple faiths? Well isn’t it your lucky day! We have all of those and they are completely customizable (because that’s how we roll).

You can choose one of our designs or have us design one for you. We also have the postcard style cards AND folded press cards. I need those orders by the end of the week in order to get them to you in time.

What? You don’t have any good pictures of the family? Well, I am still scheduling sittings. And did you hear about that portrait sitting special? It’s still good until the end of the week (that includes this weekend). So give me a call 865-805-6756 or an email and clear one more thing off your crazy holiday schedule.

Check out all of our swanky designs.

All you need to do is head over to and pick your favorite pictures to fill in all of those white squares.

Same kind of idea, just fill in those black squares. And how exciting! We can do horizontal or vertical of every design.

Don’t forget, I need those orders by the end of the week in order to get you your cards by the end of next week. If picking your own picture is too overwhelming, just give me a call or an email describing what you need, and I’ll get right on it. We accept checks and credit cards, but all payments must be completed before I can place the order.

Now go spread some holiday cheer!


~ by rebeccaclaire on December 1, 2009.

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