Zaza’s take 2

Like I said, we really liked Zaza. Our first trip we had salad & pizza but no gelatto. This time we went all pizza plus gelatto and ended up stuffed once again.


This is where you tell them what to put on your salad. They have suggested salads or you can build your own. It’s great!


These looked amazing! We didn’t try them though. 😦


These guys are making our pizzas.


They put the gelatto by the door. Very sneaky! I kept wandering over and drooling on the glass.


4 seasons pizza. Each quarter is different (and delicious)!


Pepperoni pizza. Also delicious!



Nate loves it when I put pictures of him with a mouthful of food online.


They mixed two flavors of gelatto. I wanted all 8, but Nathan said no. 😦 Of course, he was probably right in terms of avoiding a tummy ache. I was super full by the time we left. Why does he have to be so sensible!


This one was ours. It’s limoncello & plum. YUM!!


Anthony couldn’t eat his fast enough & some of it melted on the table. What a mess! Don’t worry. He cleaned it up. He’s such a polite young man. 🙂


~ by rebeccaclaire on November 22, 2009.

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