My new favorite restaurant

The other day, NPR had a story on about the economy (as usual) and how despite the fact that it sucks, certain businesses with lightly veiled suggestive names are doing really well. I’m talking the restaurants with scantily clad waitresses and booby names like Hooters. The timing was perfect because just the day before I had noticed a billboard advertising what appears to be Mexican Hooters.

After a surprisingly difficult search, I finally found the place online. It doesn’t do well on the search engines. I kept finding Indian places and much classier looking local lounges elsewhere, but finally, I found The Spice Rack Cantina (est. 2009) which confirms my Mexican Hooters suspicions. There’s a woman with perfectly shaped eyebrows, sultry eyes and a wry smile holding up a huge beer and a set of maracas (not the same maracas as found in their oh so subtle logo design).

And speaking of the logo design, where do you find maracas that look like boiled eggs in skirted egg cups? These are no maracas I’ve ever seen, but for some reason they remind me of boobs…

OK, back the the Spice Rack Girl. The thing that really gives this place away as a Mexican Hooters (besides the only somewhat linked to the food concept but wrought with innuendo name and suggestive logo that can be played off as “all about the maracas” much like Hooters is about that owl *wink*), is the Spice Rack Girl outfit. It’s lots of frills, but not a lot else. Honestly, it may provide more coverage than your average Hooters outfit. And you know, that name really is more thought out in how it pertains to the menu because they certainly don’t sell owl wings at Hooters. I mean, they could have just named it Big Rack or Nice Rack or just Rack assuming the obvious names like Bazonga’s or Cans or Fun Bags aren’t already taken.

Another way this place seems more tasteful than Hooters is back on that logo again. Sure, it’s boobs disguised as maracas, but at least the boobs have some coverage. Have you seen the Hooters logo? I’ll give you a minute to check it out. OK, what do you think? Those are full on boobies, uncovered with nipples disguised as owl eyes. So at least the Spice Rack people thought to give their booby maracas a shirt, low cut as it may be. And don’t get me wrong, I’m totally pro boobs. I have some myself and they are an excellent addition to my wardrobe. BUT I don’t put them on billboards pretending that they belong to some bird.

OH! I just had a fabulous idea. Picture this: Fine French cuisine served to you by women in tiny little flouncy skirts and petticoats, black stockings, some sort of short-cropped poufy-shouldered low-cut shirt and little hats with feathers. They dance up to your table with high kicks and we’ll call it… CanCans! I haven’t designed the logo yet.


~ by rebeccaclaire on November 10, 2009.

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