Silvek’s; Little Rock, AR

Silvek’s is a fancy bakery inside a regular Kroger. I wish I’d thought I take a shot of the ridiculous array of choices there, but I was overwhelmed by the decision making process. Didn’t help that we had arrived right as they were closing up and the counter lady had already shut down the credit card machine so we had to procure some cash for the purchase.


We ended up getting 4 items to share between the 3 of us (Nate, Anthony & me).


First was this delightful lemon tart.


Then this toffee chocolate thing. YUM!


I’m not 100% certain what this was. Layers of flaky filo dough interspersed with mascarpone and hazelnuts. This was the riches item in our box of goodies.


The tiramisu was good, but not real tiramisu. It was a yellow sponge cake rather than lady fingers and could have used a bit more coffee flavor. So I’m going to call it delicious sponge cake and just be happy that I ate it.


Here is my serving of deliciousness. We each got a plate and stuffed ourselves (this was following a fabulous meal!)

~ by rebeccaclaire on November 4, 2009.

One Response to “Silvek’s; Little Rock, AR”

  1. great photos, those cakes looks delicious.

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