Fitz’s; St. Louis, MO

I used to eat at Fitz’s in college (on the days I had money). It was good, but I’m not a rootbeer buff (or any soda, for that matter), so it wasn’t my usual haunt. I took Nathan there on our last road trip to Colorado. He loves rootbeer and for Christmas in 2007, I ordered him a case (plus a case of their orange cream). It’s very expensive to have the stuff delivered, plus you get fewer bottles in a case, so our plan was to load up the car with as much Fitz’s rootbeer as we could. We actually only got 2 cases, but that’s 48 rootbeers, and I think Nate may still have one or two left. He doesn’t share them. He will give you instructions on how to procure your own. I guess what I’m trying to say is, if you want to win Nathan’s affections, bring Fitz’s rootbeer.


Fried pickles sound awful. I mean, pickles are perfectly good cucumbers that have been soaked in pure evil. But damn, you batter and fry those suckers, and I just love ’em!



Nathan has taught me the importance of a good Reuben sandwich. Fitz’s makes a mean one! We took half home for Amanda (who loves Reubens as well).


Do you see the bunny? There’s a bunny in the corner, hiding (as bunnies often do).


Of course, I just wanted to buy the rootbeer and eat at my favorite St. Louis eatery, The U-City Grill. God I miss that place! Sadly, they only accept cash, and I was all out and without my ATM card for some reason. Just means we will have to return to St. Louis (and soon) with ample wads of cash so I can get some Korean diner food!


~ by rebeccaclaire on October 29, 2009.

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