Penny’s Noodle Shop; Chicago, IL

On our last day in Chicago, we met up with Julie to return her mother’s shoes (which her mom left at Lauren’s house in Ann Arbor) and have lunch. Julie rode her bike over while we packed up the car and then we walked to a cute little noodle shop down the street, Penny’s Noodle Shop. I love Chicago, have I mentioned that? The fact that you can walk all over is just fantastic! Julie was able to stash her bike in the coat area, and we were set for Thai food.


Being in the north, sweet tea is difficult to find. But Thai Iced Tea is always sweet and delicious.


I love Tom Kha soup and this one was super delicious! Look at all of those goodies in there.


Nate always gets the Pad Se Eu with chicken. He just loves the stuff and can never bring himself to try something different. So he goes around comparing the Pad Se Eu at all the Thai places. Because we were travelling and had no place to put the leftovers, we shared a plate, and thank goodness! This picture is after we’ve had our fill. Look at all of that food! Sadly, this was not our favorite Pad Se Eu ever. It had a sweet barbecue flavor to it that was good, but not what we were expecting. The Tom Kha was good enough to return next time and perhaps try a curry dish. MMMMMmmmmmm…. Curry……

~ by rebeccaclaire on October 27, 2009.

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