LeConte Bridal Show

Club LeConte had their bridal show on the same weekend we shot our movie. Luckily, the fabulous Beth was able to man our booth. She got so many compliments (because she’s awesome) and took some great pictures too! Just thought I’d share a few to brag on her.


Above the Rest did the cool balloon center pieces


These are more than likely Magpies and therefore delicious!



Always in Bloom does really fun work.


Jyl Walker’s jewelry, beautiful as always!



Above the Rest again!



And here’s a shot of part of our booth.


By the way, Beth is one of our fabulous associate photographers. Let us know if you have an upcoming event and would like her to photograph it.


~ by rebeccaclaire on October 25, 2009.

3 Responses to “LeConte Bridal Show”

  1. Those are some awesome pictures! Beth is right up there!

  2. Hi Claire! Great pictures…. great Blog! I thank you for posting great pictures and for including Jyl Walker Jewlery Designs. What would it take to tag my picture to connect to my website & blog also?

  3. What’s your website? I’ll link it up.

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