Shorty Lu’s Diner; Golden, CO

If you are anywhere near Golden, Colorado, you must eat at Shorty Lu’s Diner! OMG! We were on our way to see Harmony Village (after reading Simple Prosperity, I was quite curious), and we were starving! I asked Karen, our Australian guide (aka GPS computer lady) and she suggested Shorty Lu’s. But sadly, the road we needed was closed! We ended up going in this major detour and were running late. Nate hate’s to be late (which if you know Nate, is sadly hilarious), so he insisted we needed to remove our breakfast/lunch stop at Shorty Lu’s. He was also hungry and getting cranky, and I knew if we didn’t eat soon, the day would be shot. But, being the good wifey that I am, I told Karen to remove the stop. She didn’t. That Karen is a smarty! She could sense the irritation levels rising with the hunger levels and made the executive decision that we must continue on to food no matter what we said. Hurray for Karen! This was amazing food.


If you see this building, stop, go in, eat.


Nate had the BLT. It was awesome! Well, the one small bite I got was awesome. Nate scarfed up the rest of that thing. There was a ridiculous amount of bacon on it. RIDICULOUS! The bread was perfectly toasted. The tomato was delicious! And those onion rings weren’t half bad either.


I had the “short stack.” It was 2 pancakes, and I nearly ordered the tall stack because 2 just sounded so little. So glad I stuck with 2! When they say pancake, what they mean is delicious, giant, bigger than your head oval of amazingness! These were the best pancakes ever! I can’t explain what was so different other than they were perfectly cooked. Fluffy and light. None of that mooshy, mealiness you sometimes get with pancakes out in the world.


I tried so hard to finish, but I just couldn’t! It was too much! My poor little tummy was so stuffed, but I took at least 3 bites more. I just couldn’t stop. The nice server lady finally rescued me by removing my plate.

And what did all of this cost us? With tip, it was less than $10! WTF?! That much amazingness in my mouth for such a tiny amount of money? It’s true! It happened to me. 🙂


~ by rebeccaclaire on October 24, 2009.

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  1. […] amazing part is that these pancakes rivaled Shorty Lu’s! Seriously! I know! I couldn’t believe it either. But they were light and perfectly cooked. […]

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