Hot Doug’s; Chicago, IL

This was another suggestion from a friend who had never eaten there, but I believe saw it on Food Network or some place similar. Actually, it was Nathan’s uncle who literally insisted we had to try it. Our local friends had heard of it, but also never tried a Hot Doug. Grey & Eric had to work, but they told us that Doug was known for taking lots of days off. We took our chances that Doug wasn’t on vacation and met up with Gilly & Jerry for lunch.


We took the long way that involved a train, a bus and way more walking than necessary. Then, when we got there, we saw lots of parking. Oh well. It was an adventure. Gilly & Jerry got there well before us, and good thing they did! As we walked up, we saw a bit of line coming out the door, but it didn’t look bad. That is, until we turned the corner! Yowza! The wait was an hour! For friggin’ hot dogs!


We enjoyed our time with Gilly & Jerry, though.


The menu is on little hot dog-shaped boards. So cute. And everything has a funny name. They have all kinds of different sausages as well as hot dogs, corn dogs, veggie dogs, etc.


We ordered a regular, Chicago-style hot dog since we’d never had one, a brat and a corn dog. We probably should have gone with something fancy, but there were just too many choices, and we couldn’t decide fast enough. There was major pressure to get that order in and get out of the way of the gobs of people waiting behind us! They need to have the menu posted outside somewhere so you have more time to consider.


The dogs were good. I’ve never had that much stuff on a hot dog before, but I gotta say, I liked it. It’s like a salad on top of a hot dog.


I love corn dogs! Who doesn’t love breaded, fried meet on a stick?


Gilly & Jerry practiced acting natural while I captured a few candids.


Jerry was probably not aware of how pretty the light was at his seat.


More practicing. They eventually got it figured out.


So all in all, Hot Doug’s was tastey. I definitely want to try something fancier next time. Oh, and I think we may have met Doug. He told us to get a small drink rather than a large one because refills are free.


~ by rebeccaclaire on October 22, 2009.

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