Ethiopian Restaurant; Denver, CO

I love Ethiopian food! Ever since our accidental Eritrean experience in Chicago last year, Nathan has been much more open to foods served on delicious sourdough pancake-y things. After our Blue Bonnet debacle, we were desperate for some good food. Luckily, Christy & Brad had just the place in mind. Oh, I also feel the need to mention that we had just written v1 of our zombi script & one of the characters is named Brad. Bad things happen to Brad. We felt kind of guilty about it after meeting Christy’s very nice husband. Of course, it’s not like we had it in for all Brads or anything.


It’s always a good sign when they announce in 2 ft tall letters that the food is healthy. They also didn’t bother with some sort of confusing name.


We got a beef dish and a vegetarian dish. They pile it all together and you eat with your hands. I LOVE EATING WITH MY HANDS! There’s something so amazing about experiencing food with more than just smell and taste. Plus, we always got in trouble for touching our food with our hands (unless it was something like burgers or fried chicken, but certainly not something that looks so much like fork food), so it feels kind of naughty.



~ by rebeccaclaire on October 19, 2009.

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  1. Greetings. I see you did a post about Ethiopian food on your blog. Here on WordPress, I have an entire Ethiopian Food blog, and I’ve written a book about the cuisine. I thought you and your visitors might be interested in looking at it:


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