So here we are, in Aruba, hanging out with Dan & Tammy. They’re getting married on Tuesday, but today we met with the planner to get the last details squared away. Their wedding is going to be super! We have had such a great time so far. The trip was easy. Atlanta TSA didn’t feel the need to search my camera bag and touch every piece of glass with a swab. Whew! Then when it looked like our window seat was going to some poor guy from NJ who had missed his earlier flight, we snagged the entire other side of our row which left our seats open so his wife could sit next to him.

The flight was amazing! Sunset over the ocean from 30,000 (or however many it is) feet is awesome! I know you all think I hate to fly, but I really love it. I just hate going through the airport process (the schedule, the packing limit, the touching of my stuff). I love the way the clouds look from above. We left Atlanta and it was a dark, cloudy day, but you get above the clouds and it’s blue skies all around. It’s so beautiful! We were climbing all around trying to get the best views both for stills and video. We shot a full 8G card just of stills and filled up a tape of clouds.

We arrived after dark, so driving around was a trick. Luckily Dan did all the driving, so we just rode around looking at the darkness. We ate pizza at Casa Tua and Nate & I split the one with prosciutto on it, I don’t remember the name. I was so hungry, I didn’t get a shot of the pizza before it was all gone. We were all so tired that we crashed out as soon as we got back to the house.

Today Tammy’s sister’s family is arriving. We loaded up on food and will be grilling for dinner. We had a great time at Ling & Sons grocery. I felt so illiterate (since I can’t read Dutch or Papiamento), so I bought things with nice pictures or that just looked nice. The fruits are huge! I can’t wait to get my eat on.

I promise to get some pictures up asap. But right now I’m off to hang by the pool. 🙂


~ by rebeccaclaire on October 17, 2009.

2 Responses to “Aruba”

  1. I’ll bet that sunsent was AMAZING!…wow. Did you happen to snap a picture of that?

  2. I thought you had enough room in your baggage for Harry and I!
    Have a fab time we will be thinking of you.
    Oh and wanted to say how fun it was to hang with you at eWomen’s
    Killer Kelly and Handsome Harry

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