Shalini & Nikhil

While in Dallas for the eWomen Network conference, I had a chance to see Shalini & Nikhil. Actually, I stayed with them, and they took me out on the town which was a BLAST! Thanks, guys! They’ve been married for 5 years and are just as insanely adorable as ever!! Can I use a few more exclamation points? Anyway, I love these guys. We need to get to Dallas more often. Before I left, we took a bit to do a quick portrait session. Oh, these two are cute.



I love their porch swing and adorable blue house!


Shalini is so beautiful!


Yep. They smile like that all the time. So adorable!!


This is one of my favorites. All snuggled up on the porch.


No wait! This is my favorite!


A bit more of the environment. Who wouldn’t be happy in such a great house.



Shalini gets a piggy back ride.


Nikhil pretending that Shalini is too heavy.

These guys had me cracking up the entire time. They’re so fun together. I can’t wait to get back to Dallas and see them again!


~ by rebeccaclaire on October 11, 2009.

One Response to “Shalini & Nikhil”

  1. Awesome pictures Rebecca! I was just telling my husband how nice it would be if you worked with us too! Soon I hope!
    Have a great week coming up.

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