Blue Chip Gourment; Lawrence, KS

On our road trip, we had a few run ins with not so great food. Sadly, we had to continue eating every day, so we took our lives into our own hands with mixed results. As we left Kansas for Missouri, we were so hungry we could’ve eaten anything. See, between Denver and Topeka there isn’t much to eat beyond McDonald’s and Subway. I dislike both with a passion. Having just purchased a GPS for the occasion, we decided to ask her about some breakfast food. She suggested Einstein Bros (or as Karen, the Australian lady trapped inside my GPS said “eensteen”). Sadly, Einstein Bros did not exist anywhere along our route and we ended up instead outside the Blue Chip Gourmet. Despite a regular burning whenever we chose the food ourselves, we ventured in. Sadly, it was with similar results to the other Blue restaurant where we ate in Denver.

I should have known better when I asked how the tomatoes were (considering a BLT) and the guy handed me a taste and it was ROTTEN AND DISGUSTING LIKE OLD FUNKY TOES. Have you ever left a sliced tomato out overnight only to come back and find it has gotten slimy and stinks with an odor from hell itself? Well, that’s what they were serving. But we were hungry! So I ordered the chicken salad on a croissant. I asked about the chicken salad as well (being a bit picky on the subject) and was told it was pretty normal, non-fancy chicken salad. I guess I should have asked if it had been made in a blender on high with a 2:1 of mayo:chicken and if it had pickle relish as the main ingredient. These are new questions for the next person from whom I buy chicken salad. I ended up scraping off the “salad” and eating the croissant (which wasn’t bad. They heated the whole thing in the panini press, so it was warm and toasty).

Nate didn’t have much luck with his sausage and egg biscuit. The egg part was okay, a bit too fluffy for Nate’s taste, but the sausage patty was rubbery and slimy at the same time. He only made it through half of that.

I also took a moment to try their gelato. Again, disappointing. It was like whipped lard.



~ by rebeccaclaire on October 7, 2009.

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