Blue Bonnet Cafe; Denver, CO

Nathan’s brother says, you can tell a lot about a Mexican restaurant by its chips and salsa. Sadly, he is correct. But did we listen? NO! We were hungry and thought this bustling restaurant would be a great lunch choice. Hell, there was a wait, even. Then we were seated and had chips & salsa placed on our table. The chips were the kind that leave a funky after-taste and the salsa was runny and just bad. But we did not run for the hills (or the next eatery over), oh no! We stuck it out.


I ordered the taquitos from the appetizer menu. I also got a side of guac. Hurray for the guac! Really, it’s pretty hard to screw up guacamole. It’s full of avacados, a perfect food. I barely tasted the taquitos after the first bland bites because I drowned them in guacamole.


Sadly, no amount of guacamole could save Nathan’s 3 crunchy tacos. The chicken one was barely edible. Really more of a bland, cardboard flavor. The beef ones were just disgusting. So disgusting that Nathan couldn’t make it through more than a few bites. They were soggy and nasty. I think the server heard us (or could read our expressions) since he never asked how the food was. Not once. Oh, and unlike every other Mexican restaurant I have ever been to in my three decades of life, that really nasty chips & salsa cost us a dollar.


~ by rebeccaclaire on September 27, 2009.

3 Responses to “Blue Bonnet Cafe; Denver, CO”

  1. […] we chose the food ourselves, we ventured in. Sadly, it was with similar results to the other Blue restaurant where we ate in […]

  2. […] Nathan has been much more open to foods served on delicious sourdough pancake-y things. After our Blue Bonnet debacle, we were desperate for some good food. Luckily, Christy & Brad had just the place in mind. Oh, […]

  3. Yeah, Blue Bonnet is a Denver instution for no reason I know of. My boyfriend and his parents like to go there but there are so many better Mexican places in town! If you are ever forced to go back, the BBQ chicken tacos (that isn’t what they are called) are edible. The best part of them is the pickled red onion that comes with them.

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