WOW! I’m tired!

We just finished our second day of shooting. Our day started with an interesting hour long struggle with a tent for the Craft Services table and was broken up with a bit of rain in the middle.We also scratched the second location due to time constraints. Because of the delays, we weren’t able to finish our last two “campsite” shots, so we needed to return to that location tomorrow anyway. All in all, it was a great day, though. Despite the two big hiccups, we stayed true to our estimated schedule (adjusted for delays). The shots we thought would take about an hour did and those we thought would take longer too about the amount of time we budgeted.

Our team has been amazing! I’m so impressed with our talent. Brent & Alex have really gotten comfortable in their characters, and I definitely would love to use them in another project. Everyone has really taken to their assigned jobs and stepped in when there’s been a gap. Nathan has been a great director. I loved watching him work with Brent & Alex as they rehearsed and blocked each scene. His shots are creative and dynamic. He shoots an appropriate amount, not too much and not too little. He’s able to work with schedule hiccups without totally wigging out. He listens to suggestions from the crew, and the movie is better for it.

I’m too tired to break down our awesome crew for you further (tonight). I’ll go into more detail about all of the awesome people who have helped us later. We stayed up WAY too late getting the scheduling figured out last night, and it was totally worth it. We’re off for dinner now, but I have to make a new batch of vomit, and we have to finish the updated schedule as well.

Well, back to it! I’m really enjoying making this movie! I look forward to the next one (with more than 2-3 weeks for pre-production).


~ by rebeccaclaire on August 29, 2009.

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