Movie making (a bit more detail)

So I realized that I just smacked you upside the head with the “we’re making a movie” thing with no real detail. Here’s the deal. There’s a brand new zombie film festival in Canada and the deadline is October 1st! We found out about it a few months ago, and spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out what we would shoot. We have lots of short stories that would be great for the 20 minute time limit, but they just didn’t seem like enough. They were all mostly vignettes, no real character development or major plot stuff. So while on our road trip, we wrote a script. Then we realized that was too ambitious for our time frame. So we wrote another script. Then we got home and started running toward our goal of shooting the last week of August.

The details: 2 characters, 1 location, 10-15 minutes. We have our cast, working on acquiring costumes (anyone have size 15 1/2, 34-35 blue button down dress shirts they don’t mind getting gorey, that would be great! Also, camo pants and t-shirts or olive green) and props (still need a retractable prop knife). We’re doing shot breakdowns at the moment. Then we can create our schedule. Whew!! It’s pretty crazy. But I’m excited!

Back to the planning!

~ by rebeccaclaire on August 19, 2009.

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