Little Rock Friday

We changed up our schedule a bit and decided to spend a couple of extra days in Little Rock. I have two college friends there and my mom has a college friend who is my photodad (my original Nikon F3 was purchased used from him way back when I was in high school. My first REAL camera!) So instead of hopping back in the car Friday to head home, we got up early and had breakfast with Greg.



We met his adorable pups. Gretchen & Hoggie.


They loved Nate!


Look at those faces!





After lunch we went with Anthony to look at a potential spot for his rowing club. It’s a really pretty unused marina. Hopefully it will work for them!


This is where the marina moved. Anthony’s sailboat is off camera to the left.


And then I found the Smurf Village!


~ by rebeccaclaire on August 11, 2009.

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