YAY! Missouri!


Welcome to Missouri! Don’t worry. I took this photo from the passenger seat. Apparently MO is big on metal sillouttes. These were not the only ones we saw. I also liked the http://www.savemolives.com because of all the possibilities in the interpretations. Maybe that’s just my road addled mind.

I have to say, I think Missouri is a really pretty state. I enjoyed going to college there and miss it a bit. We didn’t even scratch the surface of all of the cool stuff there is to do. Of course, Nate had to work on race graphics, so we didn’t get much scratching done this trip either. We’ll definitely have to return in the not too distant future!


When we got to Amanda & Steve’s house, their kitties very quickly made themselves at home on our stuff (now their stuff since we brought it to their house).


So darn cute!!


Our first morning there, Amanda made cinnamon rolls from scratch!


Actually, she made them the night before so they could rise and be huge and amazingly delish! Then she got up extra early and baked them. She is AWESOME!!


Maybe if I ask really nice she’ll send me the recipe. 😀 Of course, with such power comes great responsibility (or great (big) pants). I’m not going to tell you how many of these I ate.


Finally, after Nathan finished his work, we got to go to Mystic Valley. This was one of my favorite places to go in college. It smells good. They play cool music. The atmosphere is super relaxed. Plus, they have AWESOME STUFF! What a dangerous store! We also went to Pathways‘ new location (they’ve been there for years, but it’s been years since I’ve spent much time in St. Louis). We didn’t spend any money at Pathways because we spent all of it at Mystic Valley. The coolest thing we got was a copper singing bowl. Nate spent the rest of the night trying to find just the right way to use it.


The only thing I REALLY wanted to do and didn’t was eat at the U City Grill. It was my favorite place in St. Louis, and I haven’t been back since I graduated. 😦 It’s right off of Kingsland across the street from the Lewis Center (which I assume still holds photoland, but they may have moved to the fancy new facility. I haven’t heard either way. They were still at Lewis 2 years ago when we stopped by STL on our last road trip). Sadly, I didn’t find out about U City Grill until my freshman roommate took me there our senior year. I had been wasting my time eating crappy Subway for lunch (not my pick. I’m just too laid back about food. Well, I was.) when I could have had bulgoki beef and bibimbap. Sigh. Next time I won’t spend all my cash on delicious Ethiopian food in Denver. Honestly, I think next time we may need to start in St. Louis.


~ by rebeccaclaire on August 8, 2009.

2 Responses to “YAY! Missouri!”

  1. That is the perfect picture of Lontro! And, wish granted, check your email for the recipe. 😀

  2. […] mangoes that needed eating STAT! Luckily, Steve is a chef and Amanda is a genius (did you see her cinnamon rolls?) and they came up with pork chops with a mango […]

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