Denver here we are!

We had a great time in Denver! Christy & Brad have a great house in a really cute neighborhood. Their dog, Bear, is so sweet and the kitty is not excited about strangers, but she’s soft & fluffy. We did some laundry & ate some great food (to be blogged at a later date) & really enjoyed meeting Brad and catching up with Christy (who we hadn’t seen since the mid 90s).


I just really loved this flower! They looked like big ferns with beautiful purple flowers. They were several feet high and soft & fluffy.


This is the house at the same address that John & Megan’s house is (only in Denver). It’s a bit more of a “fixer upper” than theirs.  What a fabulously cool house.


Bear loves the backyard. She’s so relaxed back there.


She also loves the inside so she can bark at all of the passers by.


Nate had some race graphics to do, so we set up on the dining room table. Don’t we look high-tech. 🙂


I found the kitty in her basket.


She was a bit annoyed.

We had such a great, relaxing time in Denver! I love this town. I can’t wait to come back.


~ by rebeccaclaire on August 2, 2009.

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