Road trip part something…

A three week road trip is quite an undertaking. My goal this time was to stay with friends and family along the way. Our last road trip was all state highways or smaller and we kept to about 4 hours of driving each day. It was a looser schedule, but we had to fend for ourselves for every meal (and we did not always choose well) and most nights we spent either in a hotel or camp ground. I’ve really enjoyed seeing people, and we reconnected with several folks we hadn’t seen in years. Of course, we also have had to be more strict on our times and take mostly interstate. We are working with the schedules of others. I wasn’t able to find a host in Nebraska, so we drove straight from Des Moines to Denver (which is quite a trek). This segment is the trip to Des Moines and between it and Denver. There is some beautiful country out there, but boy can you start to lose your mind. 🙂


Oh, look! It’s me!


Me again! Boy, two pictures of me in a row! That doesn’t happen often.


This is what I was shooting.


Nate was shooting it as well. It’s the view from an abandoned gas station parking lot. Sure, the location is a bit creepy, but you have to suck it up for your art. Oh how we suffer. 😉


We stayed at Nate’s Uncle Joe’s house with his Aunt Cindy. This is their dog, Daisy, who is the sweetest, happiest, friendliest dog (after Alfred, of course).


After meeting Daisy, Nate has been talking about getting a boxer.


Daisy has a friend, Missy, aka Basement Kitty.



View from a rest area. Actually, this was the same as the view from the road. Lots and lots of corn. Might I suggest The Omnivore’s Dilemma?


Nebraska has AWESOME clouds.


We were too slow to dig up the camera from the back to catch the holes, but I’m convinced these are punji pits.


I don’t know. Do you? It was really big.


Look at all of that rain! We loved seeing the rain from afar. Of course, we also got to see the rain up close & personal. The midwest really knows how to throw a storm!



Did I mention we began to lose our minds?


I just thought these were cool & made Nate take a picture of them. I like the random ones rather than the ones all lined up in a row.


There are grasshoppers in there someplace. We totally freaked them out and they were all jumping into the grass. It was really cool sounding.



Colorado knows how to put on a sunset.



Soon after this we arrived in Denver and crashed out with our friends. Stay tuned for more updates!


~ by rebeccaclaire on July 31, 2009.

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