WOW! Where’s the internet for my Road Trip?

OK, it has been a FANTASTIC trip! Of course, all of this fun has really gotten in the way of my blogging. So where to begin (or resume)?

I’ve decided to break this up a bit (since I have about a week of catching up to do already) and put my restaurant reviews in separate blogs. We’ve eaten at some great (and a few AWFUL) spots, so be sure to check back for the honest truth on where we’ve eaten.

For this segment, I believe I left off at our arrival in Chicago. We love Chicago! We had a great time there last year for Grey & Eric’s wedding. Last year we stayed with Gillian & Jerry (who got married in Estes Park and were the reason for this leg of our trip) and barely got to see Grey & Eric (getting ready for a wedding will limit your visiting with friends from out of town time). This time we stayed with Grey & Eric which was fabulous! They are so much fun. Eric & Nate bonded at Beth’s wedding.


Nate was full of hot dogs from Hot Doug’s (review coming soon) when we walked back to Grey & Eric’s. We paused for a breather and to admire a well-placed zombie platform.


The Sox were playing so we rode the L to see a game. It was quite exciting as the train felt as though it might leave the tracks any second.


This is Eric just after a particularly bumpy segment. Note the relief. That indicates we are still on track.


Stadium was PACKED!


Our seats are the ones directly behind the post. Nosebleeds all the way!


This dude spent much of the game standing between us and our view of the field. Luckily, we had lots of other entertainment. The folks just behind and across the aisle from us got booted for being in the wrong seats which was exciting. The crowd was extremely rowdy (note the 2 beers. Could be part of it.) and booed every time the wave didn’t make it all the way around. It was super fun!


Can you spot the Cubs fan? Oh yes. There was an interloper. He got soundly booed. (hint, he’s the guy standing up NOT selling beer)


What’s a ball game without the over-priced nachos (we had dogs for lunch).


And funnel cake! Man do I love powdered sugar!


After the game, we went to Paddy Long’s where they have raspberry lambic on tap! Obviously this shot was taken at a different time, but you get the idea. Cute neighborhood pub with RASPBERRY LAMBIC ON TAP! Damn, that’s good!


Well, hell0… This is the amazingly cute, amazingly agile puppy who can squeeze through a kitty door on the puppy gate.


Oso was calm for about 2 seconds. Luckily, I was shooting at 1/30th, so I caught him.



This is Alex. He’s cute but less friendly than Ralph.


But he loves his dad!


He’s a bit cross-eyed, but that’s part of the charm.


We need one of these kitty trees.


Here’s Alex again. This was just before he hid under the bed.

So Chicago rocked! We ate lunch with Julie and then hit the road to Des Moines. We’d never been to a game where the fans were quite so into it! That was great fun. The transit system was a bit confusing, but the maps on the iPhone will tell you the best route if you’re taking the bus (including which bus you need, where to pick it up and when it should arrive) which came in very handy.

It’s really quite late now and we have more driving to do tomorrow. I will do my best to get all caught up asap!


~ by rebeccaclaire on July 30, 2009.

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