Road Trip Day… Um, what day is it?

So we’ve had less internet access for our computers than we thought we would. We’ve also been uber busy having way too much fun to blog! But I do want to share some of my shots and activities so you can all live vicariously. πŸ™‚

We spent several days at the art fair. Wednesday, Thursday & Friday to be exact. By Friday we were kind of art faired out. It was great, but we seemed to find a lot of the crafty, consumer focused items rather than actual art at the end. One of our favorite artists, Andrew Shea, works in glass. He & Nate had a great conversation. We also found someone who makes wooden spoons & spatulas. He has an entire line of left-handed utensils. We are definitely buying some for Nathan. The guy in the picture below does woodworking and had his bowls on display. I’m still looking for his card (oh the fun of travel!)


If you want to come to the art fairs next year, there are 3 of them. Ann Arbor Street Fair, the Original; State Street Area Art Fair; Ann Arbor Summer Art Fair; and Ann Arbor’s South University Art Fair. We will definitely return.

Julie & her mom came Thursday night and we had dinner together while Lauren worked. We tried a sushi place down the street and Phyllis ordered the sweet shrimp which came out with the head deep fried. She ate all of it much to Julie’s disturbance. πŸ™‚


After dinner we spent the night with John & Megan then art faired again Friday. Megan had a wedding in Cincinnati & it was day one of the art fairs for Julie & Phyllis, so John, Nate & I went to an estate sale where Nate & I bought a projector and two reels of film. We have NO idea what’s on them. Pretty exciting! They also had several cars from the early 1900s and a 1950s cold pak.



We ended the evening at Lauren’s playing Uno late into the night. BTW, I kicked ass! πŸ™‚


Saturday Lauren cooked a fabulous meal for us! Oh, man was it amazing! We had an Italian theme & gorged ourselves. John & Megan, Megan’s mom & her friend Bill joined us just in time. Julie, her mom, Lauren, Nate & I had crowded around Lauren’s table and had our fill. So when team two arrived, we cleared out to let them have table space. It worked out great!


A few before shots. Yes, that’s Zingerman’s bread, potentially baked by Lauren.



After the gorgacious meal!


Peach tart made with read South Carolina peaches (provided by us). Sadly the peaches weren’t as good as the last batch I bought, but Lauren definitely made them work! Thanks for the save!


Team 1 taking a break. That’s Julie on the left. She was my fabulous roommate senior year of college. She also does really cool pet portraits!


John just hanging in his awesome hangin’ out spot. They are planning to have the attic finished (i.e. insulated) so he can do all of his music up there. It’s an AMAZING space!


I love this shot of Megan. I made her sit there and be still because the light was just too perfect. You know, I think I told David & Sonya that I do that to people (and might have more friends if I didn’t, but I’m okay with that) after I made them stop for the cool under the bridge shots on our way back to their car.


We hung out in John’s fabulous attic and all crashed out at their house only to wake up to walk to a huge breakfast buffet downtown. There is a waffle under there someplace.


I made friends with Raga, John & Megan’s super tiny kitty. Yes, she’s sitting on my shoulders.

After lunch on Sunday, we drove to Chicago to stay with Grey & Eric who you may remember from our last trip to Chicago for their wedding. We had awesome Chicago Style pizza at Pequod’s & met the cats (who they claim are evil attack kitties, but are really super sweet & fluffy).


Sausage & mushroom. YUM! I made it through one piece (plus two jalepeno poppers) before I was too stuffed to eat another bite!


Coming in to say good night (and gnaw on my toes).


Nathan is like friggin’ Snow White. All animals LOVE him.


Ralph has beautiful blue eyes! I didn’t do ANYTHING PhotoShop wise. That’s just how blue they are!


So sweet and innocent.


We were amused to see that people left notes for each other around the city. This is not the only one we saw. This we actually saw on our way back from the portrait sitting at the lake with David & Sonya.

So now I’m all caught up on the pictures I’ve actually looked at. We spent another day in Chicago, caught at Sox game (which was super fun!), met up with Julie, drove to Des Moines. Well, you get the picture. The fun just doesn’t stop! Nate has to do some work on the drive that has all of the pictures on it. Of course, I’m getting to type all of this on his new laptop (mwahahaha!). I’ll try to wrestle it away from him soon. I know you just can’t wait for the next installment!


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