Massage Goddess Brandy

Many of you are familiar with Brandy’s beautiful jewelry. What you may not know is that Brandy is THE ABSOLUTE BEST MASSAGE THERAPIST EVER!! Seriously. I have had some LONG weddings, several of them out of town, so when I get home, I may or may not be in a suitable condition for interacting with the public. See, I keep my stress in my shoulders along with holding a massive camera (seriously, I get a comment at every wedding. I didn’t realize it was so big.) and that adds up to a tidy little hocky puck of pain just under my right shoulderblade. Perhaps if I was better about doing my yoga I wouldn’t get this thing, but I’m not. So when it shows up, I call Brandy and she makes it all better. I LOVE YOU BRANDY!

Brandy has a wonderful oasis in Fitness Together on Northshore. She’s tucked away behind a really cool exercise concept and feared people would see Fitness Together and think gym rather than calming massage room. So, not only am I here to tell you that it is a fabulous, calming space, I have pictures to back it up.



So now that you’ve seen it, give them a call and book your massage (865)357-8663. Oh, and they do personal training, so get some of that too. Tell them Rebecca Claire sent you.


~ by rebeccaclaire on July 17, 2009.

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