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I realized I haven’t spent much time blogging non-photography stuff. Probably for the best, since this is supposed to be my photography blog, but where’s the fun? Sure, you all know I’m out & about taking pictures, but quick blogs with a few shots seems like cheating. So here’s a blog about photography & some other stuff.

About 23 hours ago, Nathan & I woke up to torrential rain & lots of lightning. We figured that certainly the triathlon we were shooting would be off (or postponed) since you can’t really put people in a lake during a lightning storm. NOPE! It was still on, so away we went. I have to tell you, there was a river down our street & the lightning was coming fast behind the thunder. I was still dubious as we dashed to the car. Luckily, it didn’t seem to hit the Tellico area so badly and after a few drizzles, we were all blue skies and white puffy clouds. Honestly, after the Cedar Bluff exit, it was pretty clear.

Scott & Elizabeth shot with Nathan & me. They also helped at the gala, so I knew we had a strong team. We had such a great time! I’m actually feeling a tad bit sleepy (shocking since I took a long nap this afternoon), so I will just let the pictures speak for themselves (I’ve put the photographer’s name in () under each shot). Check out PellucidCreations.com in about 2 weeks to see the final edit. Oh, you noticed the different website & watermark. Pellucid Creations is our new photography adventure. My lovely assistants are training to be associate photographers. They will shoot under the Pellucid name. You will see more of their work here and on the website. I ❤ them!


First they swam (Scott)


Then they rode (me)




Then they ran (Scott)


And ran (Elizabeth)


And ran (Elizabeth)


This guy won (Nate)


This one was a good sport about it (Nate)


~ by rebeccaclaire on June 22, 2009.

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