Nina & Eric

Absolute sweetest, most tear-jerking, joyful wedding ever.  It was amazing to see Nina & Eric together.  They had a Greek band, Nina’s mother sang a super sweet song to the couple, their friends jammed in a drum circle, it was really wonderful.  Nina told me afterwards that it was like having a dear friend photograph their wedding, and I agree.  I love this couple.  I’m so glad I’m a wedding photographer so I can meet wonderful people like them (and honestly, I’ve been very lucky with all of my brides and grooms.  I’m an awesome couple magnet!)  Anyway, before I tear up thinking about it, here are a few details about their wedding.  The ceremony and reception were at the Mary Gay House.  You may recognize the house from Mel & Ann’s wedding.  It’s fun to see a venue in various seasons, and I have to say, Mary Gay is always pretty.  Belle Designz did the flowers and Avalon catered.  If you noticed that little picture in the middle of Nina’s bouquet, that is a picture of her father who isn’t with us anymore.  Nina had always wanted him to walk her down the aisle, so they came up with a creative solution.  There was a little snafu with the cake.  The bottom layer was damaged during delivery, so it was not set out with the rest of the cake (it was still delicious, just not pretty).  Nina did not let that ruin her day.  She made a joke about their tiny cake, and kept on laughing.  I hope she’s still laughing at life’s little snafus (I’m sure she is!)  Here are a few of my favorite pics (I really may tear up)  🙂


They didn’t think anyone was looking.

The Greek Band putting the moves on Eric.

Tiny cake!

~ by rebeccaclaire on June 19, 2009.

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