Crazy Schedule!

Nice weather always brings out people’s photo-bug. Things have been busy here at Rebecca Claire Photography. Last weekend was our first wedding of the year, then this week we shot a bridal portrait (which you will have to wait until June to see) & a birthday portrait for a dear friend (which I will post soon). Yesterday we shot a surprise birthday party for an 80-year-old man (currently in the backing up & renaming stage) and today is a maternity portrait. Next week we have another bridal portrait (again, you will have to wait until June), an engagement portrait, a baby portrait & another bridal portrait (you only have to wait until May). That’s when our weddings really get started. Throw in there bunches of headshots (which I usually don’t post, but perhaps I should) and other fun stuff, plus we have 2 destination weddings coming up this spring/summer & we have a super fun set of posts. Of course, first I have to get all of those edited & websized, so please have some patience. Nate has said he’ll do my edits for me, but I think we’ll be doing them together this week some because he always edits out the more traditional goodies that mom & grandmom love.

So that’s what I’m up to. Please come back for updates with pictures. I love this weather!

p.s. On a sad note, my back up camera (& first ever Canon when I made the switch from Nikon) is officially dead. 😦 It went into permanent error 99 mode just before New Years & I finally took it to the repair shop (after buying a new back up camera just in case) and the cost is just too high to make sense to revive it. It was a great camera & shot many events. I have to pick it up from the repair shop in Atlanta on Monday the 4th. I suppose it will now sit in retirement on my shelf of old cameras (apparently a requirement for all photographers) next to my original Nikon F3, the camera that started us down this road. (OK, my Kodak yellow 110 with tape holding the film in is my first ever camera, but it went at a yard sale in ’96. Kinda sad I let that one go.)


~ by rebeccaclaire on April 26, 2009.

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