Yard Plan (v 6 or something)

I am working on turning our yard into a haven of edible, medicinal & otherwise useful plants. I’m working on keeping it native (or at least non-invasive). I’ve now cross referenced a list of edible plants as well as medicinals with my list of native and invasive species. My plan is to plant everything I can outside in the yard with plants I want that aren’t locally appropriate in pots in the house. I’m striving for an English Garden style front yard with a short white picket fence to provide some visual delineation between our yard and our neighbors’ as well as to allow Alfred access to the front without having to chase him up the hill. Some plants will go into the ground, but the more rampant growers will be confined to raised beds. Wish me luck!


The giant green circle is a sugar maple that was here when we got here. It’s not currently that big, but they can grow up to 50 feet wide, so I’m being cautious. The green circle in the top left corner is a tree as well. No clue what kind. The purple circles are two Japanese Maples that were already here as well. Another note is the path. It will definitely be more organic than that, but those are the places it needs to go.

Something else I’m trying to do is plant “useful” plants that help each other. For the last several years, we have lost our squash plants to those damn boring bugs! I really try not to kill anything, but I go on the rampage with this little bastards. They don’t live sustainably, for one thing. They go in and kill the entire plant leaving us both without squash. I HATE THEM! But onions are supposed to protect against them. Go onions! Basil is supposed to help the flavor of tomatoes and parsley is good for asparagus. You get the idea. By the way, if anyone has any idea where to get “wild” asparagus, I hear it’s far superior to the grafted stuff.

gardenWe can’t actually plant quite as many marigolds as that, but you get the idea. Everything in the garden is either edible or helpful to plants around it or both. This weekend is planting time! Well, Saturday we’re shooting a wedding so I should say Sunday is planting time! I can’t wait to get things in the ground! 🙂 Of course, somethings are already out, so we will hopefully get to eat the fruits of our labor sooner rather than later.

I know I’ve already posted my list of herbs and such, but I’ve added edibles as well. Of course, my list isn’t 100% complete, but it’s a start. (M=medicinal, N=native, E=edible) There are also some notes about the uses of a few of them.

Viola spp Violets m N e
Adiantum pedatum Maidenhair fern m N
Alnus serrulata Alder m N
Anemone virginiana Thimbleweed M N
Aralia spinosa Devil’s walking stick, angelica tree, Hurcules club M N
Aruncus dioicus Goat’s beard M N
Baptisia australis Blue false indigo M N
Callicarpa americana American Beauty bush, French mulberry M N
Caltha palustris Marsh-marigold, cowslip M N
Calycanthus floridus Carolina allspice M N
Ceanothus americanus New Jersey tea, red root M N
Cephalanthus occidentalis Buttonbush M N
Corylus americana American Hazelnut M N
Echinacea purpurea Purple Coneflower M N
Geranium maculatum Wild or spotted geranium M N
Hamamelis virginiana Witch Hazel M N
Heuchera americana Alumroot M N
Impatiens capensis Jewelweed, spotted touch-me-not M N
Lindera benzoin Spicebrush M n
mitchella repens Partridgeberry/squaw vine M N
Ostrya virginiana Hop-Hornbeam M N
Panax quinquefolius American Ginseng M N
Passiflora incarnata Passion-flower, Maypop M N
Polemonium reptans Greek Valerian, Jacob’s ladder M N
Polygonatum biflorum Solomon’s Seal M N
Rhus aromatica Fragrant or stinking sumac M N
Rhus copallina Winged or dwarf sumac M N
Tradescantia virginiana Spiderwort M N
Vaccinium macrocarpon Cranberry M N
Achillea millefolium Yarrow m e garden helps herbs & composte
Agastache foeniculum Blue giant hyssop, anise-hyssop m e raised beds
Allium schoenoprasum Chives m e anti-aphid spray
Aloysia triphylla Lemon verbena m e pots
Althaea officinalis Marsh mallow m e
Anethum graveolens Dill m e
Angelica archangelica Angelica m e
Anthriscus cereifolium Chervile m e raised beds
Artemisia dracunculus sativa French Tarragon m e raised beds
Borago officinalis Borage m e raised beds strawberries
Calendula officinalis Calendula m e
Camaemelum nobile Chamomile m e
Carum carvi Caraway m e
Coriandrum sativum Cilantro, coriander, chinese parsley m e
Curcuma longa Turmeric m e pots
Cymbopogon citratus Lemongrass m e pots
Dianthus Pink Dianthus m e attracts bees
Foeniculum vulgare Fennel m e
Humulus lupulus European hops m e
Hyssopus officinalis Hyssop m e raised beds
Inula helenium Elecampane m e
Laurus nobilis Bay m e pots
Lavandula Lavender m e
Levisticum officinale Lovage m e
Marrubium vulgare Horehound m e attracts bees
Melissa officinalis Lemon balm, Melissa m e attracts bees
Mentha Mint m e attracts bees
Monarda didyma Bergamot, Bee-balm, Oswego tea m e
Myrrhis odorata Sweet Cicely m e
Myrtus communis Myrtle m e pots
Nepeta cataria Catnip m e raised beds
Ocimum Basil m e
Origanum majorana Sweet Marjoram m e pots
Origanum vulare Oregano m e
Pelargonium Geraniums m e pots
Petroselinum crispum Parsley m e
Pimpinella anisium Anise m e
Primula veris Cowslip m e
Rosa Rose m e
Rosmarinus officinalis Rosemary m e
Salvia Common Sage m e
Sambucus Elder m e
Sanguisorba minor Salad burnet m e
Satureja Summer & Winter Savory m e
Silybum marianum Milk thistle m e
Tanacetum balsamita Costmary m e
Thymus vulgaris Thyme m e raised beds tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant
Zingiber mioga Japanese ginger m e pots
Zingiber officinale Ginger m e pots

~ by rebeccaclaire on April 14, 2009.

3 Responses to “Yard Plan (v 6 or something)”

  1. Hey! I bought a set of sweet red onions Monday and could only plant about 15 of them in my limited space, would you like the rest (about 30+). I’ll check to see what condition they are in when I go home; I was supposed to give them to Heather’s mom on Tuesday but we never met up. I would hate to see them go to waste if someone else wanted onions too.

  2. Would love them! Thanks!!

  3. This is beautiful. I wish I lived close enough to enjoy the fruits of your considerable labor.

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