Engagement story winners

OK, so I’m sitting here still trying to pick a winner for my engagement story contest. It is so difficult! You guys all have great stories, and everyone is a winner since you all get to marry your true love! Well, I do need to pick the story that wins the portrait sitting…

It’s too hard! I have a two-way tie between Chris’s Circus Proposal &  David’s Costa Rica Surprise! I love that these were both entries from the groom too! For everyone who didn’t win this month, I will automatically enter you into our next contest coming up in May!


Chris’s story:


My name is Chris Nastawa,  and I love Michelle Trindad.
I’m here to tell the tale of one amazing day we had.
For six long years we dated, and I knew well I chose,
Till one day I decided it was time that I propose.

I wanted the proposal to be special and unique.
No restaurant or beach would do, no playhouse or boutique.
I worried at the problem, my forehead creased in frown,
Until I learned the circus would be coming into town.

What better place to pop the question to my lady fair?
I’d  plan it with precision, both our families would be there.
Her grandparents from Portugal, she hadn’t seen in years.
Family members from both sides would lend their eyes and ears.

The dream became a passion, the passion turned to work.
My plan would need a lot of help or end up in the murk.
I called and called and called again. and  always went on hold.
“We’d like to help but don’t know how,” I was so often told.

But I would not surrender, though no one had a clue.
Until at last I found Paulina, who knew just what to do.
We started swapping emails, and so the plot began,
For six long months we racked our brains until we had a plan.

Then on that fateful Friday, we went to see the show.
Michelle completely unaware that there was more to know.
It looked like chance that boss clown Dustin picked me from the crowd.
It seemed  by luck I won the game, Michelle cheers long and loud.

And when ringmaster Larry, asked “Chris, can we do more?”
Then handed me the microphone,  I finally had the floor.
The spotlight lit Michelle and me as I went to one knee.
I vowed my love and at long last asked “Will you marry me?”

Michelle was all but speechless, but nodded through her tears,
The audience, ten thousand strong all burst out into cheers.
Then when the crowd stopped cheering, the magic had been spun.
Our family members, 42, descended on the run.

The big board flashed congratulations as we laughed and cried. 
The circus people shook our hands then had to rush inside.
That Friday the Thirteenth I will remember all my life,
The day Michelle, my one true love, agreed to be my wife.


The planning and the effort had truly made the day,
I could see in Michelle’s face as she became my fiance.
Hard work, co-ordination, with generous hearts and skill,
Helped make this day so perfect, we’re thanking people still.

Has  ever a proposal been planned with such great care?
And executed flawlessly, with so much heart and flair?
If all the joy that something brings is what it’s truly worth,
Consider my proposing at the Greatest Show on Earth.




To watch my proposal live please go to:


David’s story:

It had been a busy night. I was up until 1:30 just getting everything ready, and then of course I couldn’t sleep. But I had my alarm set for 5:45, so I could wake up, shower, and swing by her place before she woke up.
I awoke suddenly, light streaming in through my window. What time was it? I scrambled down my bed and checked my phone. 7:10. 7:10?! Eliza normally picks her up for work at 7:15! I jumped out of bed, threw on some clothes, ran over to her place, and let myself in. Sonya was in her closet, getting dressed.
“What are you doing here?!” She said with her usual tact upon being surprised.
“You’re not going to work today,” I replied simply.
“Yes I am.”
“I have a meeting.”
As she sat there in shock, I continued.
“We need to leave at 10, so you have until then to send any work emails that you need to. If there is anything important that needs to get done, Eliza knows whats going on, you can tell her and she will take care of it. You’ll need to wear some comfortable clothes and shoes you’re willing to get muddy.”
I gave her a kiss and left her as she was still trying to find her voice. Back at my apartment, I finished packing, grabbed the pack her friend had packed for her, and finished up a few last minute errands.
When I arrived to pick her up, she was putting on makeup.
“Do you want to know what we’re doing next?” I asked.
She still seemed to be trying to find her voice, so I said, “Well, I’m going to tell you anyway. We’re going to go out to the car, and drive back by my place, then Stephen (my roommate) is going to drive us to O’Hare. So, what I need you to do is gather up any toiletries you might need.”
She bustled around distractedly, eventually getting all her toiletries together, then asked, “Do I need to pack any clothes?”
“Nope, its all been taken care of.”
We got in the car, picked up my roommated and headed on our way to O’Hare. From the back seat, I asked her to close her eyes. After she did, I slipped a big picture book of Costa Rica in front of her, then told her she could look.
“You’re joking me!” she exclaimed.
We flew from Chicago to Dallas, then to San Jose, Costa Rica. The next day we flew down to the beach at Manuel Antonio. After a day on the beach, we climbed a big rock to watch the sunset. From my backpack, I pulled out a journal we had kept together, passing back and forth and writing to each other. I had drilled a hole through the last few empty pages, and put the ring in there. She had eyed the ring at an antique store, and I had secretly gone back to get it.
I asked her to open to the page with the bookmark, and when she did, I asked her, “Sonya, will you marry me?”
Somehow, even with the elaborate trip, she was still surprised. But she said yes. And, after that, we had a full week to spend in Costa Rica together, enjoying the sun and the time with our new fiances.

David & Sonya sent a few pictures from their engagement:dsc00405dsc00417


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