New yard plan

So, Nathan thought my original plan was a bit overambitious.  He was concerned that the trees on the bottom would block the light from the garden and the trees on the top would hang too far into the neighbors yard. So we’re down to 4 trees since we found self-pollinators for all but the apples and pears. No pears, sadly, since we didn’t have room for 6. Sigh. Anyway, I think we’re happy with this. We went to Stanley’s Greenhouse & bought the trees we wanted (the cherry won’t be ready until May), so now we just need to pick them up and plant them. Of course, first we have to take down the Bradford pear. It’s funny. I hate the idea of cutting down a tree, but everyone at Stanley’s was excited that we were getting rid of an invasive species. Hurray! Anyone have a chainsaw and a chipper we can borrow?


Oh, and you may notice the new GIANT green circle in the backyard. Turns out the sugar maple gets to be a REALLY BIG TREE!!


~ by rebeccaclaire on March 30, 2009.

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