My ruthless efficiency strikes again!

So I’m sitting here in bed with my wonderful laptop getting things done. I spent all day surrounded by bills and receipts and other such horrors (that Oprah would tell me should never be allowed in the bedroom, but there’s just not enough dog-free surface area in my office. I tried spreading out on the floor and whatever piles didn’t have cats on them were under attack by the dog), but now I’m done with all of that and ready to get headshots from last week finished up and sent out. But my ruthless efficiency from Tuesday (nearly the only productive thing I did that day) has bitten me in the rear. Instead of having those headshots sitting here on my computer, awaiting my attention, I find them way over on the external “portraits” hard drive in the far depths of my office (my desk).

Now, I love my office most of the time, but the reason I love my laptop is that sometimes I don’t love my office and would rather do all my work from bed (and my boss says I can. See, she’s not always a troll, except that it’s 11 on a Thursday night and I’m still working) So now I must go retrieve my files and either put them back on the computer hard drive or shift my entire operation to my office. I could just wait and see how I’m feeling tomorrow after my two meetings and shoot, but I really wanted to get this done at the end of last week (until my days all exploded into one unending meeting/networking event, and I didn’t get a moment of office time). Then I wanted to get them done Tuesday but I got sick and spent the day languishing in self-pity and piles of mucus-filled kleenex. Wednesday was a no-go due to lots of meeting and stuff, so it was all about today, except that I had to pay bills which meant I had to balance the checkbooks (of which there are 3 plus one register for the savings account) and that had a deadline that involves late fees, so it got bumped up (it was originally the Tuesday plan until the headshots tried to steal the thunder and then the illness made me too brain dead to even properly order Chik-fil-a; got Nathan’s order right, forgot my lemonade, at the window tried to order a gallon of tea instead of the lemonade that was the entire purpose of the trip to Chik-fil-a, luckily Nathan was on the speaker phone to save the day, but he couldn’t keep me from turning the wrong way in the parking lot. I’m lucky I made it home in one piece).

Anyway, sounds like Nate has plans to watch Lost which will put a real damper on my retouching plans. I’d better get started!


~ by rebeccaclaire on March 26, 2009.

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