A few neat articles to keep you from doing too much work. ;)

I have only skimmed this one about finding little treats in a down economy, but what I read was interesting.

This one about the benefits of papaya and the next few are from one of my favorite green blogs.

Again from the green diva mom blog, a little article about de-stressing.

While we aren’t quite ready to give up meat, here’s an article about plant based diets to give you some ideas on how to cut back on animal products and replace those nutrients with plants.

If you haven’t tried Kombucha, you really should. It’s tasty and good for you. Of course, it’s also a bit expensive, so here’s an article on how to make it yourself.

Ever get stuck in traffic and need to know what’s up? Here’s the TDOT webpage that gives you the lowdown on what’s up.

Wonder what your name means? Look it up. Rebecca means “captivating” and Claire means “bright and clear.”

A very important article for us visual artists. Get those B vitamins, folks!

And now back to work.


~ by rebeccaclaire on February 24, 2009.

2 Responses to “A few neat articles to keep you from doing too much work. ;)”

  1. Hey Rebecca! GreenDivaMom.com here. We’re glad you found our stuff good enough to use in your personal blog! We’ve always got new, great stuff every day. Sign up for our email list by going to http://www.greendivamom.com so you don’t have to visit the website so often. Also, the Kombucha link didn’t work. Take care!

  2. GreenDivaMom commented on my blog! How cool am I?! I got that Kombucha link fixed. I follow her on twitter, but I think I’ll go sign up for the email list now. 🙂

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