Proposal Portraits

aaf_0597Want to enter my contest buy can’t because you aren’t engaged yet? Not to worry! We have an exciting new concept. Proposal portraits! Yes, you heard me, we will photograph your proposal.  Of course, being the surprise fiend I am, I would hate to ruin that special moment, so we have a couple of different options.

First off, we can simply schedule a cute little couples portrait session with no ulterior motives beyond beautiful photos to share with your families (what a thoughtful birthday/ Mother’s Day/ Father’s Day/ July 4th/ National Ninja Day (December 5th)/ Christmas/ Chanukah/ Valentine’s Day gift). Until… WHAMMO! The moment is just right, you’ve both had such a good time, and you want to spend the rest of your lives together.

Want something a little more structured and even sneakier? We can plan a special date, during which time you have a photographer (moi) take a few shots in this lovely setting (by the lake, in the mountains, Market Square?). WHAMMO! It’s been such a perfect evening, why don’t you continue this thought for the rest of your lives.

aaf_0989OR if you really want to test our ninja stealth… With a bit of prior planning and a setting where a roving photographer isn’t completely out of place… Why, what a fun day we’re having at Ijams, Cades Cove, Dollywood, Paris France and WHAMMO! You are having such a great time together, why don’t you continue the fun for the rest of your lives. DOUBLE WHAMMO! Ninja stealth photographer leaps from the bushes to capture the gasp and giggles (and yes, we hope!)


~ by rebeccaclaire on February 21, 2009.

2 Responses to “Proposal Portraits”

  1. I love this idea! I hope someone takes you up on this offer.

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