Putting the FUN in funeral

Today was my mom’s dad’s funeral. He was 89 and very ill, so it was more a chance to see family than anything else. We had a great time. It was crazy. Who has fun at a funeral? The DuPree famijy, that’s who. Plus, the bereavement committee has some great chefs in the group! We all hurt ourselves on fried chicken, veggies, casseroles and fantastic pecan pie and key lime pie among other things. We got to see family members we hadn’t seen in far too long. There was a funeral and interment in the middle then it was back to family reun-ing. I was very surprised at how much fun we all had. Oh, and it was a navy funeral do we got to watch how they do all that. Every funeral should be this great!


~ by rebeccaclaire on February 20, 2009.

One Response to “Putting the FUN in funeral”

  1. I love it when funerals can be not sad. My (step)grandmother passed 2 summers ago after a crazy awesome beach retirement (yay!) and so much cancer (aw 😦 ), and although it was a touch somber during the actual ceremony, it was fun to actually see the family. I will admit that I was annoyed that they put the cremains in a plain box. My Gmother would have Beadazzled the Sh!t out of it!! (she was one of those old ladies that wore gold sequened slippers/sandals everywhere). I ended up getting her cookware, and each time I use it I think of her and her awesome entertaining.

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